Who We Are!
We know you are focused on running your business and busy sourcing product, handling customer service and marketing.  You're in charge of everything, and sometimes its hard to get it all done.

Its challenging to know when you should be investing in more inventory, paying yourself more, increasing your marketing, or setting money aside for the future.

You may know if you're making a profit on what you sell, but you may not know if you're making a profit overall across all your sales channels. 

We make businesses very profitable. I am an accountant and a Profit First Professional. My job is to make sure your business is growing, and your wallet is too. Contact Us and I will explain the Profit First strategy I use to grow your profits.

We can help you get organized, grow profits, and save time.  We treat your business like our business.  We focus on improving your business and work with you to develop your financial strategy and identify forward-looking metrics most important to your business.

As an amazon seller, a big challenge is managing sales tax compliance.  Understanding collection requirements, configuring your shopping cart or marketplace, managing the sales tax collected, and filing the returns is a complex and time consuming process.  We provide a complete sales tax management service to make sure you stay compliant.

Do You Pay Too Much Tax?

As your complete virtual acounting department, we will prepare your business and personal returns at year end but if you really want to pay less tax, you can't settle for just recording last year's history.  You need someone who can help you write it - with a complete menu of proactive concepts and strategies that ordinary tax preparers overlook.  We'll find the mistakes and missed opportunities that can cost you thousands, make sure those strategies are effectively implemented, and show you how proactive planning can rescue those lost dollars!
Profit First
Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine!
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